Phoenix Rogan

Sandra is a warm hearted and fearless doula who approaches birth as a being the support system of the whole mother ( spiritual, emotional, social , mental and physical). She is an excellent communicator which allows for the most optimal connection to develop in the relationship between mother , unborn child and chosen birth place ( hospital/home/birth centre).
She is an active listener and picks up all her cues from the mother and then uses her time to follow up on what she's taken from the conversation as a means to inform the mother further on her questions, concerns and ideas for her birth.

I was sent valuable information at pivotal times that allowed me to make informed decisions at the appropriate times. Sandra comes with no bias to any particular theory or dogma of pregnancy and birth. She instead embraces the myriad of ways women may navigate this path and thus uses the idea of diversity to support women in their birthing choices. I believe this to be essential in the pregnancy and birth journey as it allowed me to explore all my options and consider them from different perspectives before landing on what worked best for me. She always facilitates women listening to their intuition.

Her high level of communication skills also allows her to be a fierce yet aware and humble advocate that will speak for you when needed to health care professionals and experts to ensure the needs you have communicated to her are effectively heard by your support team ( both medical and personal ). I found this helpful as we toured the birth suits as i was taking it all in and was not able to communicate what i had written down to the midwives. Sandra could sense that i needed that time to observe and consider, so instead she asked the essential questions of the midwives on my behalf, so that i could then discuss with her after the tour and reflect more holistically on the decisions i was then to make.

I have no hesitation recommending Sandra as a doula and birth support. She is both professional and personal in her approach and has such gifts to share.

She also helped me organise my blessing way which i was hesitant about having. Once again she asked if she could help and she took the reigns and organised with my guidance, a beautiful blessingway with friends which included her ideas of sharing circles, foot bath/massage, bead wearing, birthing cards and delicious mumma centered food.

Post birth she was been an emotional support to me offering her time to help me through some of the post partum blues and anxieties in the days and early weeks at home. She visits my home and brings me nutritious food and offers to support in any way i need.

This well rounded and ongoing support and connection has been a significant contributor in not only ability to birth my baby the way i wanted to , but also in seeing me through into the newness and life changing event of motherhood.