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Doula Sandra

Pregnancy can be a special and magical time of your life, it may also be a time when you would like to feel more supported and confident for birthing or your postpartum period. As an experienced, passionate and certified birth and postpartum doula I’d love to offer you just that. There is no such thing as being too supported during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Rather the lack of support is where the problems start.

Over the last few years working as a doula I have mastered the art of following my intuition and to put my knowledge into practice. I’m committed to supporting you in experiencing an empowered birth and postpartum journey. I invite you to tune into your baby and your intuition as much as possible. She’ll guide you on this journey.

You, your birth experience and your family are unique and it’s my practice to support your personal choices in a compassionate and respectful way. I invite you to feel safe, loved and confident as you embark on your journey to birth your baby/ies. I offer individualised educational, physical and emotional support during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. This will ultimately support you in creating the birth you and your baby need for a bright future.

My clients describe me as the calm in the storm, being both nurturing and grounding while staying focused on what lies ahead. I have a great sense of clarity around pregnancy and birth and am extremely reliable.

I do not discriminate over how, where and with whom you’d like to birth your baby and will advocate for you and your needs to be heard and met.

I live with my beautiful family near Byron Bay in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia. Bundjalung and Yugambeh. I service all areas in the Byron shire as well as Lennox Head, Lismore, Murwillumbah, Ballina, Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast.

What my clients say

    Alisha Williams

    I had heard of the many great benefits of having a doula but little did I know just how much Sandra's support would impact my own birth. My pregnancy was unplanned therefore I had little idea what birth actually entailed, other than the unrealistic…

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    Amanda Aitchison

    We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Khloe on 30th November 2019. I had been told about doulas by my friends that had used them in the past and thought they sounded like a great idea. Now this ended up being one of the best decisions I’d made on my…

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    Amy Trembath

    I had the pleasure of being a support person for the home birth of my beautiful best friend, Alisha, and her little baby boy. Sandra supported Alisha in the weeks before her birth, to plan and visualise her dream birth. Sandra empowered her to feel…

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    Phoenix Rogan

    Sandra is a warm hearted and fearless doula who approaches birth as a being the support system of the whole mother ( spiritual, emotional, social , mental and physical). She is an excellent communicator which allows for the most optimal connection to…

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    Sarah Wats

    We felt very lucky & grateful to find Sandra as my home birth doula. Despite meeting her last minute (as my previous Doula could no long attend) Sandra took on the roll perfectly. I instantly felt comfortable and safe around her. Sandra has a great…

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    What's the difference between a doula and a midwife?

    In short doulas and midwives are both birth professionals. A doula is not a medical professinal. Doulas offer continuty of care, physical, practical and emotional support as well as unbiased information around your birthing experince.

    We work best in a team.

    Do you support LGBTQIA+ people?

    Yes! I have and will continue to do so. My services are uniquely created around your needs.

    What if I can’t afford a doula?

    I am happy to work out a payment plan that works around your needs.

    It’s also great to think about prioritising and comparing the birth of your baby/s with other expenses in your life (holidays, weddings, business expenses etc..). A doula is an excellent investment into the future of your new family.

    A percentage of my fees are to cover pro bono clients such as teenagers, single parents or people living in financial difficulties. If you find yourself in a difficult situation I’ll do my best to support your birthing needs, please do feel free to contact me.

    What about my partner/ father of the baby won’t they feel left out?

    It is important to remember that they also are becoming a parent and that the birth of your baby/s may also be a big day for them. The birthing person is my first priority but I am also committed to supporting your partner/s through this transition.

    You and your family's needs are important and I will therefore of course make space to support your partner/s to support you. I believe birth flows best with a trusted support team.

    I am able to give clarity for their questions on pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood or they may want to learn techniques of how to support you along the birth journey. I am mostly seen as a relief in the case of involved birth partners rather than taking any of their journey away from them.

    Why do I need a Doula?

    Studies show that in 95% of births doulas lead to a shorter labour, more spontaneous vaginal birth (lower chances of induction), less cesareans and instrumental births, fewer pain medication and epidural, less babies with a low 5min. Apgar score and overall more satisfaction with the birth experience.

    Birth can be a pretty intense process and it’s incredibly beneficial for you and your family to have a birth professional that you know and trust by your side at all times.

    I believe being prepared for one of the most important journeys and having you well supported is key for an empowering birth experience and amazing start into parenthood.

    And why not have your own personal birth assistant?

    What if I want a homebirth/ hospital birth?

    I will support you wherever you feel safest to birth your baby and have plenty of experince in both.

I'd love to hear from you