Amy Trembath

I had the pleasure of being a support person for the home birth of my beautiful best friend, Alisha, and her little baby boy. Sandra supported Alisha in the weeks before her birth, to plan and visualise her dream birth. Sandra empowered her to feel confident in her own body, and decision-making and made sure that she knew her rights should medical intervention be needed. Sandra ensured that we all understood the plan and how to best support Alisha.

On the day of the birth, Sandra was present from the very beginning, supporting Alisha as she transitioned through the different stages, and making sure she was being well looked after and supported. Sandra helped us to stay calm, with her knowledge, assurance and energy. She guided Alisha and encouraged her to continue with her breathing, and using pressure points to ease the intensity of contractions. Sandra intuitively knew when she was needed and when to give space. Sandra’s presence and guidance throughout the day helped Alisha to have the home birth that she had envisioned. We all felt very grateful to have her there, making us all feel safe and reassuring us all that everything was going to plan. Sandra continued her support afterwards to make sure that our new Mumma was well looked after. Thank you, Sandra, for helping our wonderful little boy arrive safely in this world.