Amanda Aitchison

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Khloe on 30th November 2019. I had been told about doulas by my friends that had used them in the past and thought they sounded like a great idea. Now this ended up being one of the best decisions I’d made on my pregnancy journey.

Sandra was more supportive and informative than I could have imagined and I am forever grateful for all her support, especially during my 36 hours labour. Sandra provided both my partner and myself all the information we needed before delivery and continued that support after birth when it was really needed. I was taken to theatre soon after I gave birth, for 2.5 hrs and my partner was left with our daughter.

To have Sandra there, especially for support of my partner was invaluable. I never felt like any question was to silly to ask and Sandra always provided us with an abundance of information which I think is power in a situation like this. She was respectful, kind and nurturing and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that extra support during their pregnancy journey.